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Minnesota Vikings Alex Mattison Makes the Switch to Hydra-Guard Sports Drink

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison has recently announced his new partnership with a Louisiana rising sports beverage brand, Hydra-Guard Sports Drink. Mattison entered the 2019 NFL Draft from Boise State where he majored in communication and provided the Vikings franchise with a different style of running throughout his first season. Mattison transitioned his elite skills to the pros extremely well by rushing for 462 yards with a rushing touchdown and displayed the sort of poise and aggression that head coach Mike Zimmer traditionally loves.

As he looks forward to his second season with the Vikings, he also pays close attention to his nutrition and recovery on and off the field. “I believe that staying Properly Hydrated with Hydra-Guard is very important because as an athlete, it becomes part of a healthy lifestyle choice and it helps me to prevent any injuries,” says Mattison.

The quickly rising natural sports drink originally launched in 2017 and expanded its footprint in recent years. CEO Joseph Tucker is very excited about the partnership with Alexander and says “Mattison is a phenomenal athlete with some incredible talent. He exploded his rookie year, and the best part is that he’s just getting started. We are honored to play a role in his hydration on and off the field to keep him operating at peak performance.”

Mattison joined the Hydra-Guard as a brand ambassador in 2020 to complement his current training and journey to be the best running-back in the NFL. “I really believe in the vision and future of Hydra-Guard for the sports world and proper hydration to be in the best tip-top shape to perform well. I believe this partnership will help me tremendously physically,” adds Mattison.

Follow @alex_mattison22 as he takes on his second NFL Season and use AM10 at checkout!



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