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Hydra-Guard Sports Drink Expands New Product Line Across Gulf Coast With Rouses Market

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Hydra-Guard is set to launch it's entire roster across the Gulf Coast with Rouses Markets in April 2022.

Hydra-Guard Sports Drink and Paul Millsap are also expected to launch the Paul Millsap Signature line that is inspired by the 4x NBA All-Star and Hydra-Guard Partner. The exclusive signature line will enter Hydra-Guard distribution in early 2022. Paul has always made his nutrition and health a priority, which reflects his elite performance and extremely successful career in the NBA.

“Rouses is known for sourcing its products & ingredients from local companies and farmers. We are honored to grow our relationship & expand our product line throughout the gulf coast with Rouses Market,” says Hydra-Guard’s CEO and Founder Joseph Tucker.

Hydra-Guard Premium Sports Drink, a unique sports drink created and manufactured in Louisiana by entrepreneur Joseph Tucker, is strategically formulated with the 5 major electrolytes to replace what is lost through sweat at optimum levels. Its innovative & performance-tested formula uses simple ingredients, natural flavors, and only 5 grams of real cane sugar per bottle as well as 2x-6x the electrolyte amount as its competitors.

"Being a professional athlete naturally encourages me and my family to live a healthy lifestyle. Hydra-Guard Sports Drink raises the bar to unprecedented heights with its beverage innovation. It’s packed with electrolytes, and being an all natural sports drink with low sugars is a game changer, this product is changing the industry," says Paul.

Be on the lookout at your local Rouses Market or shop online now by clicking here

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