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What is Dehydration?

Dehydration occurs when more water and fluids leave the body than enters it. It is important to replace fluids with electrolytes throughout the day, as water can leave the body through sweat, being in high altitude, and even breathing. 

Common Symptoms

Dry Mouth • Muscle Cramps • Dry Skin
Dizziness • Headaches  • Fatigue

Electrolytes, I’ve heard of them but what do they do?!
Electrolytes play a vital role in your bodily processes including regulating your body’s pH levels, contracting muscles and keeping you hydrated! Since we lose electrolytes when we sweat, urinate and even breath it is important to replace any fluids lost throughout the day.


​5 Essential Electrolytes:
Sodium (Na+): Helps maintain fluid balance through osmosis
Chloride (Cl-): Helps regulate the amount of fluid in the body & maintain pH balance.
Potassium (k+): Helps Regulate Fluid balance, nerve signals and muscle contractions.
Magnesium (Mg++): Required so muscles can relax after contraction
Calcium (Ca++): Is needed for muscle contraction


Making the switch to Hydra-Guard Sports Drink:

Strategically Formulated to battle Dehydration”- Headline. Hydra-Guard Sport Drink is one of the best hydration drink, its performance is tested and strategically formulated to replace the 5 major electrolytes at optimum levels that is lost through fluids. We focus on replacing exactly what you sweat out without the junk!​

  • Potassium Packed

  • No Artificial Anything

  • Only 5g Sugar Per Bottle

  • 5 Essential Electrolyte Blends

  • Only 30-35 Calories Per Bottle

  • Performance Tested To Reduce Cramps

  • 2x-6x The Electrolytes Than Competitors

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