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5 Healthy Summer Workout Tips

Summer is here and with it comes hotter temperatures and delicious fun. But the gauge on the thermometer isn't the only thing increasing these next few months. While relaxing during sun-filled weekends and week-long vacations in the summertime can give you a much-needed break from your daily busy routine, it can also make staying dedicated to your diet and workout routine a challenge. With summer comes an increase in temptations as picnics, outdoor events, vacations, and high-calorie treats kick into full swing. You want to enjoy yourself, but you don't want to undo all your hard work in the gym.

Let’s be real, dreaming and setting goals are both easy to do. What’s difficult is converting those goals into a reality.

The thing about fitness is, you have to want it for yourself. Finding the motivation to get back to the gym and get healthy must come from within, says Jonathan Leary, founder of Remedy Place, a social wellness club. And it’s not just about finding the motivation, but about having the right kind of motivation to get in shape. Forget external motivators like looking nice in an outfit and dig a little deeper, Leary says.

Don’t forget to be summer-savvy! Make the most of this time to get and stay healthy. Get active in safe ways that make you feel good. The longer days, brighter sunshine, and warmer temps tend to help us enjoy an improved mood, better diet, and stronger fitness habits.

1. Take Care of Yourself

It's important to take proper precaution when preparing for vigorous outdoor exercise. Consult your physician or healthcare specialist before committing to an outdoor weight loss program if you're concerned about certain health parameters, such as high blood pressure. You must also take precautions to not overexpose yourself to summer heat. Limit each exercise session to 30 to 60 minutes and do not exceed five outdoor workouts per week. Also, remember to wear sunscreen!

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Always make sure to be on top of your water intake while working out, especially in the summer. When you sweat, you lose water and electrolytes — minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Electrolytes are essential for your body to function properly.

Our body also needs fluids and electrolytes to function at its best. Training in the heat means that you’ll sweat more and lose more water which means that you’ll need to drink more fluids to replace the liquid and electrolytes lost. Experts agree on one thing when it comes to how much water adults should drink: that Americans don’t drink enough. Here is one basic rule of thumb: Drink half your weight in ounces daily (ex: a 150lb person would drink 75oz).

For intense workouts or long-distance runs, drink fluids with added electrolytes. Bring a bottle with you to the gym, and make sure you drink before, during, and after your workout! Walking around with a water bottle or sports drink bottle has become part of who I am. Staying hydrated not only helps me to stay on top of my physical performance but also I make sure I am always at my best mentally. Products like Hydra-Guard Sports Drink also help me to make sure I have my proper amount of Vitamins and essential electrolytes. One bottle has 20% of the equivalent Daily Value of Calcium we need alongside only 5g of REAL Sugar and no artificial anything.

Know that as the weather gets warmer it is a time you’ll sweat more inside and outside and plan to have a water bottle with you almost at all times. But we suggest not just having plain water in it all day. Prior to and during training look for products like Hydra-Guard that will allow you to optimize your training and your hydration. This delicious drink has more electrolytes than Gatorade and a much lower ingredient list.

3 - Fuel Properly

Eat a good breakfast. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to help you get through the day without feeling exhausted. Choose something healthy for breakfast that will help jumpstart your metabolism, increase energy and keep you alert throughout the day. But what are the benefits of a healthier diet? Well, for this one I am assuming I don't have to extend myself too much. A healthier balanced diet can only bring us benefits in the short and long run in terms of having better well-being.

4 - Sleep Tight

Quality shut-eye is vital to getting the most out of your time spent in the gym. And that goes for every night of the week. According to one 2015 Sports Medicine review, poor sleep hinders not only your exercise performance (and the number of calories you burn), but also your body’s ability to come back stronger after every workout. “Sleep drives the hormonal shifts that promote the body’s recovery to exercise,” says Carlson-Phillips. Without appropriate sleep, symptoms of over-training, including fitness plateaus, set in. Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every single night.

5 - Adapt your workout intensity Check on the heat before you go outside to exercise. If it’s going to be a very hot day, you should adjust the intensity of your workout accordingly. On cooler days, perform high intensity workouts like interval training, boot camps and runs. On warmer days, go for low-intensity activities like Pilates or yoga.

You can also use the heat to get more out of your workout. For example, hot yoga fueled by the sun — just remember to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) at least every two hours (or after swimming or sweating) and drink lots of water!

By choosing the right foods to add to your daily diet you can still enjoy the foods summer has to offer while keeping your nutrition in check. Many professional athletes endorse the use of sports drinks to better prepare them and to stay mentally and physically sharp throughout their season. Minnesota Vikings’ Running Back Alexander Mattison also emphasizes the importance of sports drinks like Hydra-Guard in his preparation to play at the NFL level. “I believe that staying Properly Hydrated with products such as Hydra-Guard is very important because as an athlete, it becomes part of a healthy lifestyle choice and it helps me to prevent any injuries,” says Alex.

Check out Hydra Guard's online store and use the code JOAO10 for a special discount on your checkout now!

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