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Why The Best Swimmers Make The Switch to Hydra-Guard's Proper Hydration

Eating the right types of foods is extremely important for your athletic performance, but drinking enough fluids is also essential for optimal training performance and everyday normal functions well-being. During exercise, the main way the body maintains optimal body temperature is by sweating. Heat is removed from the body when beads of sweat on the skin evaporate, resulting in a loss of body fluid. Sweat production, and therefore fluid loss, increases with a rise in ambient temperature and humidity, as well as with an increase in exercise intensity. Staying hydrated enables your body to provide adequate circulation to both your muscles and body surface.

No athlete can compete at his or her best without proper hydration. Proper hydration is especially important during exercise. Adequate fluid intake for athletes is essential to comfort, performance and safety. The longer and more intensely you exercise, the more important it is to drink the right kind of fluids.

As I have mentioned in past blogs, a mere 1 percent dehydration level will hinder your athletic performance and health. Signs of dehydration are fatigue, headache, light-headedness, dry mouth and dark-colored urine. A study published in 2015 Asker Jeukendrup & Michael Gleeson at Humankinetics, suggests that “A loss of sweat equal to 2% of body weight causes a noticeable decrease of physical and mental performance. Losses of 5% or more of body weight during physical activities may decrease the capacity for work by roughly 30%”.

Therefore we conclude that the lack of proper hydration will cause major damage to your athletic performance as shown. Making sure you are always replenishing fluid and electrolytes if you are engaged in a physical activity is a must if you are looking to perform at optimum levels.

With that in mind, some of the best international swimers have been making the switch to proper hydration with Hydra-Guard Sports Drink, and here’s why:

1. "I choose Hydra-Guard because the electrolyte concentration is unmatched, I used to cramp up constantly and this product has really turned that around. When it comes to electrolytes, Hydra-Guard really is in a league of its own.” - Lewis Clough, British Junior Champion and Junior Commonwealth Games Medalist.

2. “As a professional athlete, I’ve always taken extremely great care of my nutrition. Being Properly Hydrated at all times is one of the most important things for Elite Athletes in my opinion because we have to be able to give our 110% in training at all times in order to achieve our goals. Hydra-Guard not only provides me with amazing PROPER HYDRATION, but also keeps me away from artificial sugar and other ingredients that other products offer. Not only that, it tastes great!"” - Joao Mescolote, 2x Junior South American Champion and Multiple-time Brazilian National Champion.

Hopefully I was able to show you enough to persuade you on making sure you stay hydrated and drink more water/sports drinks to make sure your liquid and electrolyte are always at optimum levels. Either for physical activities performance or a healthy performance of everyday functions, make sure you are looking for products and adapting to a lifestyle where your body is always hydrated.

This article will show you a little more about how to make sure your diet can help you to stay hydrated too. If you are making switches on your diet or schedule/lifestyle, look for products that will help you achieve your hydration goals too. Like I mentioned in this article, luckily there are already healthier options of foods and drinks on the market that can help people get their essential vitamins and minerals and keep your hydration levels at its peak without the extra calories.

Hydra-Guard Sports Drink is a great way of replenishing your essential electrolytes after a workout but keeping the calorie count low and consuming only 5g of natural sugars per bottle. If you want to check out the online store, you can use the code Joao10 for a discount on your checkout.

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