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San Antonio Spurs NBA Champion Tiago Splitter joins Hydra-Guard Sports Drink

Brazilian former basketball player and 2014 NBA champion of the San Antonio Spurs, Tiago Splitter has recently announced a new partnership with Louisiana’s rising beverage brand Hydra-Guard Sports Drink. Tiago, who is currently still involved with the NBA as a player development coach for the Brooklyn Nets, now joins the roster of elite professional athletes such as Denver Nuggets’ Paul Millsap, Minnesota Vikings’ Alex Mattison and Dallas Cowboys’ Cedrick Wilson and New Orleans Saints Terron Armstead.

Tiago is a three-time All-EuroLeague Team selection prior to his NBA career. In 2014, he became the first Brazilian-born player to win an NBA championship, when he led the San Antonio Spurs to the title alongside stars such as Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard. Prior to the Spurs, Tiago spent ten years in Spain, where he represented both the Bilbao Basket and Saski Baskonia teams. After his time in San Antonio, Tiago also spent some quality time helping the Valencia team in Spain as well as the Atlanta Hawks for one last season in the NBA before he announced his retirement in 2017.

Tiago is excited to join Hydra-Guard’s team in early 2020, as he still holds himself to a healthy and active post-career lifestyle as a player development coach for the Brooklyn Nets.

“I finally found a way to workout and get better while challenging myself to be healthier and also drop some weight. Hydra-Guard is now on my side as my partner. I love the great flavors, and the all natural ingredients that provide me with proper hydration,” says Tiago.

Hydra-Guard’s CEO Joseph Tucker says “Tiago is a NBA champion and knows what it takes to compete at the highest level. We are honored to have Tiago join the Hydra-Guard Team and be his choice of proper hydration while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Tiago is now looking forward to the return of the NBA, as the Brooklyn Nets still have a few games left before the 2020 playoffs. The NBA has opted to host the entire eight-game regular season and full 2020 NBA Playoffs at a venue in Orlando, Florida, starting in the end of July.

Follow @tiagosplitter journey on Instagram as he prepares for the 2020 NBA Playoffs and use Tiago10 at checkout!

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