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Home Workout Series (2/3): 15 Minute - Upper Body High Intensity

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

With a travel ban in effect and citizens asked to quarantine, how do you keep in shape? Sounds impossible, right? Wrong!

I would say that maintaining a fitness routine without going to the gym is very possible. The key is functional fitness — utilizing simple tools and movement patterns to mimic the way we move.

Training at home doesn’t have to be expensive. With some resistance bands, dumbbells and using your own body weight, you can mimic a gym workout. You can even use normal house furniture. In this next series of Home Workout Blogs, we are going to show you how. Here are some tips to working out at home from our friend Nick Marchan, who is also offering videos of workouts for the homebound free of charge on his Insta page alongside with Hydra-Guard's during the coronavirus shutdown.


This workout will last 15 minutes and it consists of 10 different exercises. It's pretty simple yet effective. Perform each exercise for 30sec on and take a 15sec break. Start over, repeat 3x.

All exercises are done back to back with a 1 minute rest after the last exercise.

EXERCISE 1 - Push Ups

EXERCISE 2 - Chair Push Up (Hands on the chair)

EXERCISE 3 - Chair Push Up (Hands on the floor)

EXERCISE 4 - Bodyweight Tricep extensions

EXERCISE 5 - Triceps Dips

EXERCISE 6 - Rear Delt Daises

EXERCISE 7 - Front Raises

EXERCISE 8 - Curl and Press

EXERCISE 9 - Bodyweight Single Arm Rows with a Twist

EXERCISE 10 - Up and Down Planks (Feet on chair)

Our body also needs fluids and electrolytes to function at its best. That’s especially true when you are suffering symptoms like fever, coughing, diarrhea and vomiting, which can easily dehydrate you. Proper rehydration helps with recovery. Drinks with essential electrolytes such as Hydra-Guard Sports Drink have been recommended by the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics for decades to relieve symptoms associated with virus-related mild to moderate dehydration in both adults and kids. You could use the code Marchan10 for a special discount on the website, and I also recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter because they are always releasing special codes for even higher discounts on their products.

The CDC says if you’re experiencing symptoms of coronavirus — including fever, cough, shortness of breath 2-14 days after exposure — seek medical attention immediately. Today is a great day to start taking the best care of yourself. Don’t skip on great nutrition, hydration, rest and exercise. Help others do the same. And, for the latest information from the CDC, please click here.

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