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5 Steps to Adapt your Diet and Enhance your Workouts

Knowing what activities you are performing and their relative intensities will help you better prepare and be ready for an awesome training session! Failure to meet your hydration requirements can reduce your ability to exercise and may present the risk of developing a heat-related injury. Here's how hydration & dietary needs change Is you are performing high intensity workouts, and some tips on which produce is particularly positioned for keeping you well while beating the heat!

5 ways to help you be prepared for your next workout:

  • Stay Properly Hydrated Throughout the Day

Entering a workout in a fluid deficit can negatively impact both the duration and power output you can reach during a workout. Making sure you stay properly hydrated at all times, especially during summer, is a must. You should be adequately conditioned when training already begins. That means, hydrating carefully and properly throughout the day, eating healthy, sleeping well. I have put together a blog on how to maintain a healthy and effective diet to help and prevent things such as cramping. You can check it out by clicking here.

  • Be mindful of your electrolyte intake

Along with water, your body loses electrolytes when you sweat. Making sure you are always replenishing fluid and electrolytes if you are engaged in a physical activity is a must if you are looking to perform at optimum levels. Consuming electrolytes is kind of like paying your electricity bill. Consuming a diet rich in electrolytes ensures that you'll supply a steady current of electricity to keep your heartbeat in rhythm and your muscles contracting comfortably without any cramping. Electrolytes are almost as important as plain water when it comes to increasing and maintaining hydration levels, especially during summertime activities.

  • Eat foods high in water content

Luckily, many delicious foods that reach their peak ripeness during the summer months are high in water content. The most common ones to find (and my personal favorites) are watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, orange, peaches or grapefruit. These will keep you fresh and stress free while maintaining water and fluid content on the body.

  • Recognize foods/drinks that promote water loss

As the temperatures rise, it may feel like the temptation to reach for anything but water is at an all time high. Caffeine and alcohol are natural diuretics found in popular summer beverages including beer, specialty cocktails, soda, and iced coffee. For adequate hydration, it is recommended to limit or even avoid your intake of these drinks. But on the hot summer days where alcohol and caffeine are in the mix, make sure you pay extra close attention to your water intake.

  • Eat produce rich in antioxidants and other nutrients

Avoid sugary foods, especially honey and molasses, and stick to natural sugars available from fruits and veggies. Take healthy food and drinks to work instead of loading up on fatty, greasy food and sweetened cold drinks from the canteen. Fresh berries like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries reach their peak ripeness in the summer months. These colorful summer fruits contain powerful antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C (just one cup of berries provides 3.5g of fiber and 100% of your daily vitamin C).

Many professional athletes endorse the use of sports drinks to better prepare them for a tough workout and to stay properly hydrated at all times. World Championship finalist and American triple jump star Chris Carter also agrees that it is vital that we prepare our bodies in the best way possible before going into a summer workout session. “By consuming Sports Drinks such as Hydra-Guard before, during and after my workouts, I make sure I am ready to take it to the next level and be prepared for my workouts, and everyday lifestyle avoiding cramps and preparing me to perform at the highest level at all times,” says Chris.

Hydra-Guard Sports Drink is a great way of replenishing your essential electrolytes after a workout but keeping the calorie count low and consuming only 5g of natural sugars per bottle. If you want to check out the online store, you can use the code JUMPCARTER10 for a discount on your checkout.

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