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Two time U.S. Open qualifier and PGA Tour Luis Gagne has signed a partnership deal with rising beverage brand Hydra-Guard Sports Drink. The company, that has professional stars such as Paul Millsap, Alexander Mattison and Tiago Splitter among its top athletes, now welcomes the Golf rising star as as he hopes to rise to the PGA Tour.


Luis, a native of Costa Rica, wants his legacy to be something that goes beyond golf - globally. “I started playing when I was 3-years old. My journey has been amazing and I have gotten to see so many cool places. The best part about it is – I’m only just getting started, so excited to see where the future leads me."


The future is bright on the course for Luis Gagne, so for those watching him, have you sunshades ready. If you are a golfer then you know the importance of staying properly hydrated while managing the course throughout the days, especially in the summer months. “Hydration is key to fueling my on course performance and I believe that my partnership with Hydra-Guard is key to enabling myself to stay hydrated, mentally sharp, which will ensure my performance stays high,” said Gagne. 


The quickly rising natural sports drink originally launched in 2017 and expanded its footprint in recent years. CEO Joseph Tucker says “Gagne has a very bright future in the PGA. The margin of error in the game of golf is tremendously small, especially at his level, and we are just  honored to keep him properly hydrated for when that perfect shot calls his name.” 


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"I believe that my partnership with Hydra-Guard Sports Drinks is key to enabling me to stay properly hydrated, mentally sharp, which will ensure my performance stays high during my professional career."

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